An Anthology on Gender and Illness

“What ancient and obdurate oaks are uprooted in us by the act of sickness”
Virginia Woolf, On Being Ill

Uprooted was founded in 2014 by four long-time friends and artistic collaborators, and is the product of their experiences supporting each other through debilitating illness.

Our mission is to promote narratives of illness that surprise and transform understandings of disease in society. By sharing personal, political, and even contradictory stories about illness and identity, our community can challenge codes of sexuality, faith, race, and culture. Join the conversation on our blog, Facebook, or Twitter!

IT’S HERE! The much-anticipated PAPERBACK EDITION of Uprooted is available for purchase on Amazon! We’ve been working on this new edition for a year now, adding new content to the collection of essays and stories about gender, illness, and identity. Purchase today!